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Make a Mark 2022

Water is already a luxury for one out of three people worldwide, and Make a Mark 2022 is a perfect way to spread the message.

This bottle is filled with ‘everyday water’, yet is designed as a premium packaging with all the stylistic features of a luxury product. The name, Off Limits, plays with both the concept of water scarcity and the concept of luxury products. 

The design led us to choose an elegant spirit bottle with a small capacity (50cl size) to underline the scarcity and preciousness of its contents. The top of the bottle has been designed to make it look as if the cork had drowned in the neck and therefore difficult/impossible to remove.

The graphic narrative conveys data about water shortage, carefully hidden behind top-notch printing, paper, and finishing.

designed @ O,nice! Design Studio

creative direction: Stefano Torregrossa

graphic design: Chiara Bissolo

product design: Tommaso Ceschi

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