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Me, Myself & I


I am a person who puts his head in it and gets his hands dirty
I don't believe in methods, I trust sensations
I like the concreteness
I like to do one thing at a time

it takes me the right time
I'm curious, a lot
I observe, a lot
I imagine, a lot
I ask if I don't understand
I try to be eco-sustainable
I like to tell a story
I like simple and smart solutions
I love Legos

I wear sneakers

I have no tattoos, I like rings
favorite superhero: Batman
favorite singer: Prince
favorite colors: B&W, cyan
favorite food: pasta

Brands I work for

Cif, Svelto, Coca Cola, AEG, Electrolux, Hoover, Candy, Haier, Colussi, Doria, Perugina, Danone, Caseificio Gelmini, Dampe, Domogel, Seiko Epson, Oregon Scientific, Giovanni Rana, Ilta, Lavazza, United Pets, Tucano, La Trentina, AYO Spetstorg, Guzzini, Panasonic, Il Coccio, Greenwitch, Mr. Clean, Dr. Vranjes Firenze, Loriana, Acqua Dynamo, Carpano, Castelli, Gedy, Pavoni, Outlook Design italia, Jvc, Toshiba, Sky, Costa Crociere, Peroni, Heineken Company, Vialetto1893, Sitap, IGuzzini, Da Vittorio, Ferrero.

Honors & Awards

  • 1st prize "serie coordinata packaging non food" assigned to Dr. Vranjes eau de parfum bottle.
    2023 - Mediastars27

  • 1st prize "Coca Cola Bottle design Award"

    2017 - Elite / Desall

  • 1st prize "Designing new ways of working"

    2012 - Castelli

  • 1st prize "Ri Design Milano"

    2011- Provincia di Milano

  • 3rd prize "Food Design 6 "

    2011 - OneOff Torino

  • IF Design Award assigned to “Epson px700 and px800 all-in-ones”

    2009 - designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Epson Design Center Japan

  • Honorable Mention "Re-invent competition"

    2007 - P&G /Designboom - designed with Francesca Delvigo

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