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Winning project of the tender organized by AEG/Electrolux for the construction of its first flagship store in the new tech village of MediaWorld Milano.
The heart of the showroom is a central suspended structure that allows products to be displayed from a different, bolder and heroic perspective. The use of red lights that frame the display structures helps to enhance the design of the devices: five monitors further explain their technology and features. All these elements and the use of color creates a brand's own environment.
The location will be animated during the year with activities such as show cooking and demonstrations; all the elements on display for the kitchen set-up were in fact positioned in a single direction facing a retractable staircase, one of the most functional design pieces of the project, which allows the public to sit comfortably to attend the event, to then disappear inside the wall, freeing up space when there are no shows in progress


designed @ Arteficegroup

developed by Espoworkr

creative direction: Pier Benzi

design: Gustavo Arguello, Tommaso Ceschi

strategic planning&copywriting: Mattia Valesini

accounting: Alessandro Butti, Michele Tomei

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